November 2013

Great Egret Fishing The Gila River, Avondale, Arizona

Egret 1A Base and Meridian

American Kestrel On The Watch

American Kestral On The Watch

©2013 Rick Nettles
American Kestrel On The Watch

American Kestrel Smiles For The Camera

American Kestral 4AThis little guy just sat and posed for the camera, flew away a bit, and returned for more! Beautiful bird…

Ahead Of The Storm

1267144_567234609989951_1379406063_o©2013 Rick Nettles
Ahead Of The Storm

This photograph was taken at the Seymore Marine Institute on the West side of Santa Cruz, Central Coast of California. There was a storm moving into the area as the sun was starting to set. A troller is trying to keep ahead and make its way back to port before the storm hits.

Published On ABC-15 News

Lightning 6famous photographer, lightning photography, television, ABC News

I was very honored to have one of my photographs presented on ABC-15 of Phoenix, Arizona. This is a shot of the newscast on my television.